Cute Easy Hairstyles for Prom

It’s May, and that means prom and graduation parties. It’s an exciting time of the year. I am sure that by now you have your new outfit picked out (or will soon) and a new set of shoes to go with them. But do you have your hairstyle planned out yet? If you are struggling to find the right one, don’t worry! We’re here to help.

MTV Hairstyles–¬†First, let me start with a link from MTV. They have 4 DIY Hairstyles for prom with pictures and instructions on how to get them looking right. In my opinion, a few of these are a little bit extreme, but if you like them go for it!

Easy Messy Up-Do–¬†Next is the Easy Messy Up-Do. We did a full tutorial on cute easy hairstyles about how to do this one. It’s simple, but looks pretty elegant if done right.

Japanese Big Bun Hairstyle– This is one that has been very popular on the site, but also one that many people have difficulty with. When done right it can look very nice, but it takes practice. Make sure that you that you give yourself some practice and don’t just try this one an hour before prom.

Jessica Alba Hairstyle– Jessica Alba has some great hair. This is a tutorial on how to do your hair just like hers.

So what are you planning for prom? have you decided on your hairstyle yet? If so we would love to hear about it. Post in the comments or send us an e-mail with some pictures. We would all love to hear about your awesome hairstyle.



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