Easy Casual Half-Up

Hey, guys.

Another very cute and easy half-up half-down hairstyle!! I think it’s perfect for a cute campus look!

Let’s get it started 😉

1. Leaving your front hair and a little bit of side hair, take the top half of your hair and make a high ponytail.


2. If your hair is straight, put some curls on your hair to make it look more feminine! When you are curling the top, try to take and curl a small amount of hair at a time.


3. Take a inch of your hair from the ponytail and wrap it around the hair band. Use a bobby pin to secure the hair.


4. Tease your top hair to give it some volume. Then, pinch a small amount of hair and pull out a little to give some volume on the top of your head as well (Just like the picture below).


5. That’s it!! If needed, use a hair spray or anything you like to hold the look.


Hopefully you’ll like it!!

Thanks for reading~ 😉

24 thoughts on “Easy Casual Half-Up

  1. Hi FAI,
    Thank you for leaving lots of comments 😉 and I really appreciate that you tried my hairstyles. Stay tuned for new posts!!

  2. Wow thats cool ,i dont really curl my hair a lot beacuse its naturly straight ,but i do straighten it almost every day and i know thats not healthy ,but my hair looks weird curly because it isnt long!!!!!

  3. omg! thats sooo cute! im going to try that for school its just that everytime i try to curl my hair it always doesnt come out right!

  4. Hi Jackie,
    For this hairstyle, your curls don’t have to be perfect at all! Glad to know you liked it 😉

  5. i liked the hair style but i would like to do a cute up do for school have any ideas?

  6. Really cute! Can I do this hairstyle with short hair? It’s not really short, but about to my shoulder.

  7. what you can do for school is put your hair in a side ponytail and leave about one stand of hair to the side and add curls to it and your done if you want add a bow with color to pop out :}

  8. i really liked this one! i got alot of compliments.. from guys, haha. please do keep up the great work as i have tried all your hairstyles!

  9. that is so cute! im trying the one with the heat free curls right now. do you have any other ideas for easy hairstyles?

  10. omg this is so cute!! I usually jus have my hair in a pony tail and if i do do it half up i do it straght. but i think im going 2 try this 4 school tomorrow!

  11. Sorry, about that. I thought those had been disabled. They should be shut off now, so please let me know if you see them again.

  12. i love it now i do these hairstlyes everyday i do them to friends when they come over and i cant say how much i like them it impressed everyone at school and my reletives THANKS SO MUCH

  13. wow! keep this up! i love your website! i look at it all the time! (: thanks so much!

  14. I think its cute but imma do the other 1 with the high ponytail oh my its so cute im a 13 year old n I admire the way you do your hair

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