Japanese Big Bun Hairstyle


This BIG bouncy bun hair is very popular in Japan!

You can find a lot of girls doing this hairstyle in Harajuku, Shibuya, and prettyΒ  much anywhere!!

Do you like this look? I think it’s really cute! If you like this hairstyle, here are very easy tips for you!!

You can pull off this cute easy hairstyle in 5-10 min πŸ™‚

How To Make Japanese Big Bun Hair

1. Make a very high ponytail. For me it is easier to tilt my head down when doing a high ponytail. I usually use hair wax before styling my hair. This way my hair stick together without having a lot of fall outs.


2. Bring your hair to the front, and spread it and apply hairspray. You want to hairspray the inside rather than the outside.


3. Once the hairspray is dry, start teasing all of your hair. Give a lot of volume!!!

cimg6257 cimg6261

4. Now, it’s time to make a bun! Take all of your hair. Grab on to the end of your hair and loosely wrap it around the base. Use bobby pins to secure the hair under a bun.


5. Hairspray all over and you are done!

cimg6276 cimg6223

Since my hair is not that long, this is as big as it can get for me. If you have longer hair, it will be easier to add more volume. If you do not want to have so much volume, then do not tease your hair so much.

Thanks for reading πŸ˜€

49 thoughts on “Japanese Big Bun Hairstyle

  1. what if you dont have any hair spray?
    and what if you realy have a long hair?
    can you give me some link?

  2. Hi, Kamiru. If you have a really long hair, then I dont think you need to use hairspray at all. I use it because I dont have long hair and want give some volume. Just make high ponytail, and wrap your hair around the base. Use enough bobypins to secure your hair.

  3. o wow it does work ^^ and maybe i should try no hairspray also..um..what if you have like layered hair?does it matter…

  4. Hi Maddie,
    Thanks for leaving a comment! I’m glad to hear you liked the hairstyle! πŸ˜€

  5. HEY!! MADDIE!!

    I was wandering,is it possible to not use bobby pins bt instead a normal rubber band??

  6. Hi Yunik,
    If it is easier for you to use a rubber band, it’s perfectly fine!! I sometimes go with rubber bands too!!

  7. Hello

    I still cant figure out how to wrap the hair into a bun. is it possible you posted a video clip?

    sorry i am not very smart with hairstyles πŸ™


  8. Hi CAt,
    You just need to wrap your hair around the base. To adjust the shape of the bun, you can pull little of hair from the bun or twist the bun a little. It might take a while to create a video for me…. sorry!!

  9. hey this hairstyle is so easy my little sis is a Japanese girl for halloween and we did this soooo easy i love it
    thx alot

  10. hi i think its very cute! i wore it to school and all my frinds liked it and now they want me to teach them. plus what if have layerd hair beaouse i like the style but im going to get layers. would that be a problem?
    pleas respond! thx!

  11. Hi you dont need to know,
    You can do this hairstyle as long as your hair is long enough to make a high ponytail. But if your hair is too layered, it might be hard to put volume on the bun. I’m happy to know you and your friends liked it!!

  12. i have really thick hair and medium length hair and i didnt use hair spray and it can out perfect

  13. hey i have always wanted a hairstyle like this and i tryed it but it just didnt look right where am i goin wrong ?? xx

  14. Hi Charlotte,
    Is your hair too short or too layered?? The key is to put a lot of volumes on the bun. So, when you make the bun, just twist the base and try not to squish the whole thing. After securing the bun, you can also pinch a little bit of hair and pull it to add more volume. Thanks for trying!!

  15. I can’t do this! I’ve tried and tried and tried and tried, but it doesn’t work for me. Any hints?

  16. omg my hair is soooooo thick its scary. but i dont know what to do because every time i try to put it up it just fall soooo please hellpppp πŸ™‚

  17. omg! i have stiff hair. once i want to do the bun,it’s just straight upwrd! it doesnt work on my hair..pls help~

  18. nice ive been looking every where for this
    u look adorable <3
    thanks for this great tutorial!
    well bai huns!
    gonna go try it out
    wish me luck ^_~

  19. This hairstyle is really great! I was looking for something quick and easy to do, and this one is definately simple but effective! I have thick hair and normally look like a plank doing bun hairstyles, but this one turned out really well! Thank youuuu x

  20. my hair is to thick so all u have to do is put bobby pins and pin the fallen peices to yur head and spray hairspray all over remember dont put alot or its very hard but hold it farther than 6 inhes.

  21. Hi! This style great! It is easy, but it looks way more complicated than it is! I love it! This is my fabourite hairstyle blog/website thing! I’ll tell my friends at schoo where i got the hairstyle. I am sure they will ask!

  22. Wow, I’ve always wanted to try this style, but I thought my hair was too short (it’s about the same length in the pictures). It never crossed my mind to tease it!

  23. omigosh!!!!
    my bff+i totally LUVEEEEEEEE this hairstyle!!!!!
    NEVER stop this amazing website, i visit nearly EVERYday!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    YOU ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. Wow this is awesome! πŸ™‚
    My bun did not turn out as round and perfect as yours, but its still not that bad! i think its just cuz my hair is so thin.

  25. i have some long hair and some short in the front and im having a hard time doing hair bun and i love having hair buns do u think u can help me a bit…

  26. wow ~
    so so so sweet
    love this xo much ~
    yesterday i try 2 make big bun
    and ~ every body loves my hair ~
    thx Eri !! πŸ˜€

  27. Kamiru – If you don’t have any hairspray then I suggest you…….GO BUY SOME!!!

  28. i want to do it but my hair is soo thick and i dont think it’ll stay up! i’ll try it tho and will post the result πŸ™‚

  29. all you need todo is tie your hair in a high ponytail and then hairspray all around your head. put bobbypins in hair where it comes out. make sure u put alot of hairsprays cuz dats wat keeps it up

  30. OMG….i have been looking all over for this website…i somehow came across this site last year and i just fell in luv with the hairstyles but sadly i did not bookmark it….well over a year later i remembered this n had been spending almost 5 months searching for this….i finally tried japanese bun n there u r…. ahhh…i love ur post…..keep it up..

  31. Um, considering that i have layered hair and only one bobby pin, this didn’t work, but i sure LOVE IT on u!

  32. I have too much hair for this… I have tried to just wrap it around but it just falls out and comes loose… and also, all the bobby pins I use don’t secure it enough.

  33. I’ll try this tomorrow.
    I’m going to have a meeting with high school friends and also my ex.
    I hope this hairstyle will give me some confident πŸ˜€
    thx a lot

  34. Oh my I just did the Messy hair style n its soooooooo cute wearing it to school tomorrow ^-^

  35. Hi!! I know my name looks weird but!!
    Yea last night i was wondering what hairstyle i should do and my friend told me to teach her how to do a big bun!! i didn’t know so i searched on google and this came up! i love it!! my hairs is up to my shoulder but it still works!! thx!!! πŸ˜€ !!

  36. This was soo pretty, but it did not do very well with my hair..it just didn’t fit me. My hair is super long and think, and very uncooperative. Any other ideas? Thanks!

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