Super Easy Messy Buns


I’m sure everybody has experienced oversleeping and jumping out of your bed with crazy hair!! The worst things is that you don’t even have time to do anything about your hair!! I gotta admit, this happens to me quite often… It’s OK, I know I’m not perfect ;-p

Today, I’m sharing a messy bun hairstyle that will help you get through a chaotic morning. It is perfectly fine to have crazy messy hair! I mean, the messier the better!!  How awesome is that!

How to Do Cute Easy Messy Bun Hairstyles

1. Make a regular ponytail with a hair band that does not have metal part. Hair gets caught in the metal and it can tear your hair when taking off. Make a ponytail where you want to have a bun at. I recommend you to do a ponytail as tight as possible. This way, your messy bun look stand out.

2. Loosely twist your hair and wrap it around the hair band. Secure it by either slipping the end of hair under the hair band, or using bobby pins.

3. Basically that’s it!! You can even do this in a car!! 🙂


There are more things you can do to spice up you cute messy bun hairstyles. They are:

  • Tease your hair after making a ponytail. It gives a lot more volume. (If you are not sure how to tease hair, click here to watch a tutorial video.)
  • Pull a little bit of hair out from the bun. Tease it or wrap it opposite way to achieve your desired look, and bobby pin it.
  • Use hair accessories, like chopsticks, flower pins, or head bands.
  • Make a low bun and wear a thick head band for a retro look. (and a huge sunglasses too! 😉 )
  • Arrange your front hair to look little different. All back, center part, right to left, left to right, pouf, and so on… Whatever you like!!

78 thoughts on “Super Easy Messy Buns

  1. Easy quick messy bun that I do all the time, make your hair like your about to put it into a pony tail, almost pull your hair through for a pony tail then, kinda flip your hair over and put the hair tie around the bun a second time. It works great when your in a rush or for sports, it falls out really easy if you have a stretched out hair tie tho, works better for long hair than short hair.. =D

  2. laura just messing up a normal bun looks horrible and i hope you dont actually do that……and this page DOES have messy bun…it is loose and has hair sticking out…it is cute

  3. That worked GREAT for my long hair!! I’ve been looking for a way to do it that didn’t involve a bunch of bobby pins since my hair’s almost down to my waist. It was perfect! Quick and simple and can still look good for going out. You’re awesome! Thanks so much. =)

  4. I tried this but it is not messy at all! If you want messy buns
    1.Put ur hair in a pony tail
    2.Pull the hair band half way down the original pony tail
    3.Tuck the bottom and free hair into the top
    4.Put another hair band around this tightly

    Great for the beach and pool!!!

  5. If you really want a cute hairstyle do a french twist and mess this up it looks cute and makes you look cooler. The only thing is don’t spray hairspray on it until you mess it up

  6. I do this all yhe time. if it is not messy just pull some peices of hair out and straiten or curl them

  7. This works really well, tried loadfs of different ways and this is the only one that works cos my hair is sooo short 😀

  8. really just put up your hair in a tight pony tail. then squish the rest of your hair on top and then put in another pony tail holder.

  9. yoooooooooo! I went 2 my m8s wedding and used da messy bun! EVERYONE commented on how it looked and how beautiful it was! Plus i’ve got a gr8 hair style: u ever heard of a hair donut? yeah well put that through a ponytail and secure with a bobble! My sis used to do that! it looked amazing! Thanks!!!!!!! =)

  10. I absolutely LOVE this hairstyle! Gorgeous and so, so, super easy. I wear this when going to the beach or just chilling with my friends. Thanx sooo much, this totally helped me! 🙂

    ~~~Ruby <3~~~

  11. I think Hannah, you should try straightening your hair before attempting to do this. I’ve got curly hair, and it’s long too and can get quite frustrating

  12. what i do is i put a ponytail in my hair then flip it outward kinda and put in a 2nd ponytail. then i fluff it out a bit so its kinda a circle around it

  13. I always side part my hair about 2 in. in and part it straight down. Then i pull the rest of my hair into a ponytail. I french (or sometimes dutch) braid the section in the front and pin it back. Its a little more interesting than a regular ponytail. Hope I could help!

  14. this is so funny but kool but i really need help looking for a nice hair style for me that will be easy to do for shortish medum length of hair could you help me?

  15. Same here! I have really curly hair also so when I tried this it fell out in under 5 minutes!! I tried your way and it’s usually the way I do it anyways but it hasn’t fallen out yet and it’s been in for like 20 minutes!!! Two opinions really do help!! Hahaa

  16. I used to do the same exact thing!! I did it so much when ever I wore my hair different I got compliments on it all day when at the same time some people change their hair everyday and they don’t get one compliment becuz people expect it!! But I started ordering the magazine seventeen and there is something in it and its called 7 days of beauty and every other week it’s hair styles and they are SOO easy!!

  17. I can’t get my hair to go into a big bun at all not a messy one, Need some advice! I try it with a donut but it just looks too fake i want it to look more natural.’x

  18. i did the retro look and i have never looked better while wearing a bun in my hair you really helped my messy hair cuz i hate brushing my hair

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